Poly Bags

Northeast Packaging manufactures wicketed poly bags ranging from plain to a possible eight-color combination. Our wicketed bags are designed to meet your specifications and artwork, and are compatible with speed packaging systems or even hand packing systems. We are equipped to provide you with clear unprinted bags or custom blended films for applications needing UVI, EVA, color tints, anti-slip, etc. Our products are mainly used for potatoes, apples, oranges, green peppers, ice, bakery products and other vegetables.

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Paper Bags

Northeast Packaging manufactures single, 2 and 3-ply multiwall paper bags. The bags are strong, biodegradable, self-opening with a square style including a flat bottom, formed sides, a face and back. Our bags are mainly used for agricultural products such as potatoes, onions and rice. The bags range from 5 to 60 lbs. and can be printed to each customer’s specifications incorporating different designs and colors.

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Northeast Packaging Company is a manufacturer of multi-wall paper bags and polyethylene bags!